This page is dedicated to SR Wiki Custom Ranks.

Wiki Cadet: New user to the wiki without administrative powers.

Starter Editor: Made at least 10 Edits to SR Wiki

Editor: At least 50 edits

Good Editor: At least 100 edits

Wiki Journalist: At least 250 edits

Great Journalist: At least 500 edits

Devil Journalist: At least 666 edits

Editor Deluxe: At least 1,000 edits

Leet Writer: 1,337 edits

Epic Wiki Contributor: 3,000 edits

Wiki Directors: Get voted on by higher ranks as an Epic Wiki Contributor

System General: Active Director or Wikia Staff (the whole of wikia, not just this wiki's staff)

Wiki 3rd General: Invite only by 2nd General and Commanding General

Wiki 2nd General: Invite by Commanding General

Wiki Commanding General: Founder Only.

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